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Foundation to improve health literacy and digital health literacy


About Us

We believe that improving patients' health literacy and digital health literacy can significantly improve their quality of life and the sustainability of healthcare.

Therefore, our mission is to improve (digital) health literacy globally by partnering with a range of other foundations, academic institutions, and relevant public and private organizations.

The goal of the partnerships is to co-develop appropriate and adequate (digital) health literacy programs, and to provide SanAstra with strategic advice, knowledge and financial support.  


What We Do

We build partnerships on a strategic level through connecting and partnering across disciplines including academia, government, business, as well as health professionals and civil society. 

​We are encouraging shared learning between foundations and organizations with similar mission and are raising public awareness to the importance of self-education on (digital) health literacy.

We create ownership among stakeholders for advancing health literacy and digital health literacy by:

  • Organizing stakeholder events

  • Evaluating existing (digital) health literacy improvement activities

  • Building skills and capacity 

  • Providing training 

  • Leading development of solutions with a key aim of empowerment and competence

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