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Eva Turk

Associate Professor Eva Turk (Slovenia/Norway) is passionate about applying sustainable healthcare solutions and improving health systems. 
As an economist (MA, MBA) and health systems researcher, with a doctoral degree in Health related quality of life, she has found repeated evidence  that improving health literacy improves the quality of life of people. This is the fundamental reason why she founded SanAstra. Being in a digital era, her personal mission is also to contribute to raising awareness about health literacy within this context.


Zinajda Zolic-Karlsson

Zinajda Zolic-Karlsson, MSc (Norway/Croatia/Bosnia) is trained health economist with over ten years’ experience in healthcare (research and pharmaceutical industry). She is interested in health-related quality of life and sees it as crucial part of the economic evaluation in healthcare. This passion was the reason Zina joined SanAstra foundation. She is interested in connecting research, industry and patients in the common vision of improving healthcare. She sees health literacy as a common denominator - improving literacy will have positive impact on quality.

Tita alissa Bach_edited_edited.png

Tita Alissa Bach

Tita Alissa Bach, PhD (Indonesia/Norway) was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and holds a doctorate degree in Social and Behavioural Sciences from the Netherlands. Her expertise includes patient safety, healthcare quality, safety culture, Human Factors, alarm management systems in healthcare, among other topics. One of her passions is to improve public health literacy for patient empowerment and healthcare sustainability. This is the reason for her to join as a board member of SanAnstra.

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Gro Jamtvedt

Professor Gro Jamtvedt is the Dean at Faculty of Health Sciences at Oslo Metropolitan University. Gro is a trained physiotherapist, holds a master's degree in "Public Health" and a PhD in quality improvement. As part of her work at the Center for Evidence-Based Practice, Bergen University College, she has been involved in the development of the master's program in evidence-based practice, has contributed in many textbooks and has contributed to developing teaching materials. She has a special interest in implementation research, user involvement in research and evidence-based policy. Gro is co-author of several Cochrane reviews and in textbooks on evidence-based practice.

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Sven Mollekleiv

Sven Mollekleiv is Senior Vice President/Head of Corporate Social Responsibility in DNV GL. In addition, he is DNV GL’s ombudsman worldwide. Sven is Honorary President of the Norwegian Red Cross and was formerly Secretary General of the Norwegian Red Cross.  He has also been President for "Frivillighet Norge" – a confederation for all voluntary organisations in Norway. Sven is currently Vice Chairman of the International Red Cross Committees Special Fund for Disabled, and Chairman of Energy and Environment in “Hovedstadsprosjektet” appointed by the government to strengthen Norway’s innovation abilities.

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