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SanAstra Foundation aims to empower individuals and improve quality of life of patients by improving their health literacy and (digital) health literacy.

One of our ongoing projects is providing a platform of a video library of stories and experiences in the ”doctors’ office”, designed to empower both patients and health professionals and to enable experience-based knowledge. 

We are working to continuously grow our diverse collection of storytelling short videos where both, patients and health professionals can share unique real-life experiences related to navigating care through a health system, specifically exploring doctor-patient relationships. Our hope is for everyone to be able to learn from and support each other, and for educators and patient organizations to be able to use our content to their benefit. 

About us

How do people across the world feel when visiting a doctor?

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Your Stories

Your stories
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Are you interested in participating?

We are inviting everyone interested in growing our video collection. We invite you to share your experiences when interacting with a doctor.

It's simple!

Here's how :

  1. Grab your phone or any video camera or a recorder, or you can always contact us at and we will help you. 

  2. Start recording an audio or a video and try to address the questions below. 

  3. Send your video to:

Have you ever been to a doctor?

How did you feel after a doctor visit? Any specific experience that you still remember until now?

Why did you feel this way?

Please add your own topic of interest.

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”

- Maya Angelou



We are building partnerships on a strategic & organizational level through connecting and partnering across disciplines including academia, government, business, as well as health professionals and civil society. 


We encourage shared and experience based learning between individuals, foundations and organizations with a similar mission. We aim to raise awareness of the importance of patient communication and (digital) health literacy.

Our Board

Our Board

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Assoc. Prof. Eva Turk


Associate Professor Eva Turk, PhD, MBA (Slovenia/Norway) is passionate about applying sustainable healthcare solutions and improving health systems.
As a health systems researcher, with a doctoral degree in Health related quality of life, she has found repeated evidence that improving health literacy improves the quality of life of people. Furthermore, she found that peoples’ stories inspire others and make change happen. This is the fundamental reason why she founded SanAstra. Being in a digital era, her personal mission is also to contribute to raising awareness about health literacy within this context.

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